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Core Advantages Of Aluminum Formwork

All of structures can be assembled by aluminum formwork. After assembled, it can be an entirety structure frame with stalely performance and good bearing capacity.

Long using age, the average lifetime of aluminum formwork arrived more than 300 times.

Prop head panel and support system are designed integration, pre-dismatle technique suit to deck panel support system, it greatly improved using rate of aluminum formwork.

Less support props for aluminum formwork system, worksite operation space get larger, workers and material movement are flexible, extremly impoved efficiency of worksite management.

After dismantling aluminum formwork system, the quality of concrete surface is flat and smooth, clean to finishing and decoration fair-faced requirments.

Widely application range, suit to use in high-rise building and residentials, infrastructures, tunnels and so on.

To make the required concreting sealed face by the formwrok system , ensure that the structure shape when concreting. 

Aluminum formwork panel system including:                                                    

1. Wall forwmork panel                                                         5. Window panel           

2. Column formwork panel                                                   6.Conner panel            

3. Beam formwork panel                                                      7. Kikker panel            

4. Slab formwrok panel/ floor formwork panel                      8. Support head panel                          

Connection the formwork's componnents, each of panels are composed a part of system and the entirety aluminum formwork system. 

Attachment system including:                                              

1. Work bench                  5. Hammer

2. Transfer box                 6. Podger

3. Flat tie puller                7. Panel puller

4. PVC Sleeve Ejector        

For supporting purpose in the process of concrete structure construction, to guarantee the firm and stable of the floor, of the bottom of the beam and of cantilever structure.

Support system including:

1. Floor straight prop                                                    

2. Scissor shoring                                                      

3. Bay window support

To guarantee the width of shaped of formwork structure, the formwork can not be bursted, swelled up and refuse to happen deformation in the process of placing concrete.

Fasten system including:                                                    

1. Pin and wedge                           5. PVC sleeves                        

2. Screw and nut                            6. Steel hooks                                

3. Rod tie and Flat tie                    7. Waler                                    

4. Iron square tube                        8. Shrim                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Aluminum Formwork Products

Followings are the generally components of Aluminum formwork system, also called them as Aluminum Formwork Standard Panel which applicated to many construction structures. There are 70% Aluminum formwork standard panels could be moved to next project in the reasonable using. But there aren't all of construction contractors good at protecting Al-formwork standard panels, so that the Al-formwork standard panels are very worthy to be recycled by vendors.

Our RD Aluminum Formwork Products company would recycle the standard panels of almost used 100 times, the second-hand Al-formwork standard panels in the smoothy surface again and will be sold after polishing, re-straightening and re-painting by equipments. In this situation, the Al-formwork standard panels in the maximun utilization rate,  it can help contractors to save cost as a matter of course at the same time.

Aluminum Formwork

Wall Panel  (W)

Aluminum Formwor Product

Aluminum Formwork

External Corner Panel (EC)

Aluminum Formwork

Wall Footing Panel (WF)

Aluminum Formwork

Deck/ Slab Panel (D)

Aluminum Formwork End Beam/ Middle Beam Panel (EB, MB)

Aluminum Formwork

Soffit Corner Panel (SC)

Aluminum Formwork

Deck Prop Head (DPH)

RD company will introduce the purpose and function of fasten system, support system and attachment system. All of accessories of Aluminum formwork system can be purchased as an extra, to refill the construction materials.


 In addition, RD also sell the Al-formwork profiles for customers directly to CNC or manufacture deepen processing, become to al-formwork panels, specially non-standard panels. The Aluminum formwork system and formwork panel system will more widely application to the architectures of all over the world, it will be a purchasing trend to buy the al-formwork profiles.

Aluminum Formwork Profiles

Aluminum Formwork Attachment

Aluminum Formwork Supports

Aluminum Formwork Fasten

 - Project Solution -


Exactness is the basic of safety for Aluminum formwork installation quickly and it make us plan a project for customer in standardzation and regulation.


In order to arrive high-efficiency, our professional designers are glad to do a plan for you, and the time will get a better of optimization while assembling Al-formwork.


We will set a solution plan, conduct a comprehensive analysis of architecture structures, available resource, requirments of construction quality and period, providing a helpful construction method to clients, so that customer will be satisfied to use RD products successfully.


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