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New product launching: Carbon Fiber Plastic Formwork


Within researching & developing by two years and continuing revolution for a year, Runding push-off Carbon Fiber Plastic Formwork (Abbr. plastic forms) to the construction market. The average weight of plastic form is lighter than aluminum form, but the concrete bearing performance is very close to aluminums. Plastic formwork can be reused 100 times at least without any demolding agents, the concrete quality effect could achieve decoration finished.

 The regular dimensions of plastic concrete panels are mainly using to the walls, the columns and the slabs. When it combined with non-standard sizes of aluminum forms, they would be a brand-new combination formwork system. This set of Plastic & Aluminum formwork system is better to be applied for the small-medium construction enterprises. For the same building structure, the formwork cost will less 15% at least than using a whole set of aluminum formwork system within 100 reusing time.

Runding has been continuing to promote the plastic concrete formwork pictures on the Facebook Page, please follow and do some consulting to us if interested.