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Day 1st : survey and install location bar, set up wall & column steel bar, settle water and electric pipe


Day 2nd : coat form oil to wall and column formwork, install wall and column formwork


Day 3rd : install beam and slab forwmork, coat form oil to beam and slab formwork


Day 4th : set steel bar and water electric pipe on slab formwork, casting concrete and maturing


Day 5th : 24 hours after concrete casting, remove beam sides formwork and wall column formwork


Day 6th : 48 hours after concrete casting, remove slab formwork and beam bottom formwork  (Props remove 15 days later)

If use Flat tie fasten system to al-formwork system, the Aluminum formwork panels have to made the grooves on the side sealing panels, used to fixed in Flat tie plate. There are the Special Al-formwork for using Flat tie system.

There are two kinds of Flat plates, Reusable and Disposable.

Reusable flat plate without cuts on it and fixed into the PVC sleeve. The length of PVC sleeves depend on the thickness of wall.
Disposable flat plate have cuts on it and they could be broken while concrete casting finished. Distance of two cuts refer to the thickness of wall.


Even if Flat tie fasten system is lighter,  smaller and easy to be carried than Rod Tie fasten system, the purchasing numbers of accessories of flat tie more than Rod tie system. The using quantities of Flat tie accessories also more than Rod tie system in the same structure. Because of flat tie system is light, they are easy to be deformed if the workers didn’t maintenance in good situation.

In consideration of surface treatment of Aluminum formwork, Oily demolding agent suit to be used to the Al-formwork surface with oxidation treatment, isolation treatment or powder painting.

RD Al-formwork surface is mill finished, we introduce the Water-base Demolding Agent for you in detail.