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Aluminum formwork system recommendation for building the beauty of city


As development concept of Green construction goes in civils, it must be a trend to use the environmentally green building materials for construction industrial. Aluminum formwork system as the new technique of green construction and because its advantages of light weight, high accurately and convenient constructing and so on. Al-formwork system is satisfied with the requirements of low carbon, saving energy and green construction, also be deemed to one of development directions of green construction in the future.

Aluminum formwork system consists of formwork panel system, support system, fasten system and attachment system.

Formwork panel system could consist of all of sealing faces of concrete structure, to ensure the structure forming when concrete casting.

Attachment system provide connection for formwork panels, to make each part of formwork to become a system and combined to be an entirety.

Support system as supporting for concrete structure while constructing, to guarantee the stable for the structure of slab, beam and overhanging parts.

Fasten system make sure the width of formwork shaping structures and the formwork panels cannot be deformed and be bulged during pouring concrete.

Series 1: Wall structure

The regular maximum width of wall formwork is 500mm, wall panels are directly connected with corner components of slab panels. The walls of internal and external are in the same height, but the kicker formwork of external wall should be higher than the level of slab 50mm. The wall concrete panels are fastened by the steel walers and screw robs, the horizontal spacing between the screw robs cannot over than 1000mm, the vertical spacing to the floor (ground) should be 250mm. As the picture, the spacing of steel walers are 550mm, 800mm and 900mm. The wall formworks are supported by adjustment inclined props, which props of the one side is locked to the ground by expansion bolt and the other two sides are fastened on the steel walers. It could increase the bending strength for the wall concrete formwork and also keep the walls vertically.

Series 2: Deck/ Slab structure

The standard dimension of aluminum slab formwork is 500x1200mm, the other sizes are made according to slab structures requirements. The thickness of aluminum forms should be above of 3.7mm. The width of beams should be 100mm, which carry on the slab panels. (Those beam structures are also called the keels of the slab) The bottom of beam formwork is supported by the standing prop, the spacing should be 1200mm x1300mm.

Series 3: Beam structure

The bottom of beam has early-stripping device design, the beam support spacing cannot longer than 1200mm. In general, the width & length of deck prop head are 100mm & 200mm, and then the aluminum formwork between the two deck prop head should be 1000mm.

Series 4: Column structure 

The design principle of the column is same as the wall, but there are several points should be attention:

No.1: As a free-standing column at site, the aluminum formwork panels are disposed as column’s size. The formwork dimension of column tries to be designed is same as the wall form as you could, so those aluminum forms can be in common to use.

No.2: When the wall structure should be connected with the column, the junction between the wall and the column must be set a whole or in piece of aluminum formwork. The gap of formwork panel mustn’t install on the junction.

Series 5: Staircase structure

Stair structure mainly includes stepping formwork, deck & keel formwork of underside of stair, wall formwork and the both sides formwork of stair.

Other details:

1.    In order to ensure the aluminum formwork panels and the formwork attachments are transferred to the next floor in time, it would specially leave a Transfer Holes on the slab for passing the concrete formwork, steel reinforcing units and props to the upper floor to be used.

2.    Take attentions on the connection places about the internal corner or the external corner.

3.    Some corner positions of wall structure have to fasten by oblique way of screw robs combined with steel waler.


The early-stripping technique (for the beam) be integrated to support system, it largely promoted the turnover rage of aluminum formwork and the construction efficiency, at the same time reduced the cost of materials and construction. Each building of the construction site is applied one set of master concrete formwork system with 2 sets (or 3) of slab props and beam props (the overhanging structures needs 3 sets of props), the construction speed would take 5 days to finish one floor. The master formwork would be removed to the upper floor while the concrete strength already arrived requirement. The prop system (with the deck prop head formwork) of the slab and the beam can be reused to the upper floor of building for every 15 days later, before have to guarantee the concrete already passed the strength requirements.


Aluminum formwork system is a star product among the green building material. With its advantages of excellent construction quality, using less labors, low average cost, decreasing construction rubbish and so on. Aluminum formwork manufacturers and suppliers are devoted to protection environment cause and hopefully improve the living standard of the whole world.


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April 18, 2019