Featutes Of Aluminum  Formwork

1. Standard formwork products, full facilities.
2. Easy to be assemble, dismantle and passing, acelerating the construction process.

3. Great quality by stablely performance of aluminum shuttering.

4. Ordered placing materials and tidy, construction site unobstructed.

5. Simple worksite management, labor sources saving.
6. Fireproof, ensure safety of construction site.
7. Material with anti-corrosion,  increaseing used rate.
8. Low carbon and envirnmental friendly, good to be continued development.

Core Advantages of Aluminum Formwork

Long using age, the average lifetime of aluminum formwork arrived more than 300 times.
All of structures can be assembled by aluminum formwork. After assembled, it can be an entirety structure frame with stalely performance and good bearing capacity.
Prop head panel and support system are designed integration, pre-dismatle technique suit to deck panel support system, it greatly improved using rate of aluminum formwork.
Less support props for aluminum formwork system, worksite operation space get larger, workers and material movement are flexible, extremly impoved efficiency of worksite management.
After dismantling aluminum formwork system, the quality of concrete surface is flat and smooth, clean to finishing and decoration fair-faced requirments.
Widely application range, suit to use in high-rise building and residentials, infrastructures, tunnels and so on.

Material cost comparison: Aluminum formwork system have good economic comprehensive efficiency.

Aluminum formwork panels and all of accessories could be recycled, and their reused time arrived more than 200 times in normally using situation. The sharing cost of alu formwork is less than traditional wooden formwork system's and steel formwork system's. Aluminum shuttering system makes the concrete surface without plastering requirement. Dripping line, bay window, awning, staircase, etc. can be modular by once-concrete casting, machanical hoisting in tranferring process of construction floors is unneccessary, it is decreased the construction cost.

Comparison of construction site



Use Alu formwork system, the bay window structure could be finished by once-mould concrete casting. But it need to make second-mould concrete casting by worker man-made, that will increase the labor cost.                                                           





The keels are assembled of joint bars, end beams and middle beams simply. Then slab formworks just are supported by the props and the keels. No more timbers and too many scaffolding supports are needn't for supporting slab structure as like wooden formwork system.





Workers always bend down and keep attention on the suppoting props when they are walking through the floor. Al-formwork system adopt single standing support props and their working operation space larger than plywood formwork system. Then, the workers movement flexible even they carry the tools.





Obviously, Al-formworks are easy to be carried and storaged. Specailly, wooden formworks always to be broken and threw them anywhere after dismantling. And the plywood formworks with lots of snags on, it makes people easy to get hurt.





Because Al-formworks are fixed with pins and they makes the structures are tighter than using wooden formworks. It is not easy to happen cement leakage when pouring the conceret. There is no doubt that the surface performance is better than using wooden formwork system absolutely. No plastering requirement, saving the cost.



Construction period comparison:Aluminum formwork system with great efficiency and short construction period.

Aluminum formwork system combine with pre-dismantle system, one set of Al-formwork system could finish one typical floor by 4 or 5 days. It decreased constuction period substantially, saving management cost for contractors, shorting devepment period for real estate developers.

Protect the forest: Green, Save Energy, Environmental Friendly

To compare with traditonal wooden formwork system, Aluminum formwork should be promoted widely. Using Al-formwork could avoid to cut a numbers of trees, protect the source of forest, then decrease natural disasters because of less water loss and soil erosion.

Reduced the wastage of cement plastering and sand, etc.  To advoid clean and burn the wooden rubbish, largely decreased influence for the enviornment when using Al-formwork. Al-formwork system is suit to green protection concept and continued development aim of China, even all over the world.

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