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Porcurement Service

Runding aluminium formwork supplier established a brand new subsidiay, Foshan Perfect Resource Trading Co., Ltd (addv. Perfect Resoure),

specially for offering the services of purchasing and exporting for foreign & domestic enpriterses.

What is purchasing service?
What is purchasing service?
It help the customer of all of the world to buy their requiring products from China everywhere.
How to service?
How to service?
Please provide the details or specifications of the products you wants, our company make use of sourcing of domestic social relationship for the customer to find their products until they satisfied.
What's different with the B2B platform?
What's different with the B2B platform?
For the particular goods, maybe you cannot find out the relevant manufacturers from the B2B platform. But it doesn't mean tthere are no factories production those products in China, because they just didn't apply the exporting certificate. The procurement service is born at this moment. We can find and contact those factories to go and visit, analysis products, take some reality photos and make prices comprision for the clients. While you placed the orders, we would follow them and check the goods quality whether pass or not till to load into containers. As you see, we supply one-stop supporting service for a whole purchasing situation.
Are these factories without exporting certification becase their merchandise qualities are not good enough?
Are these factories without exporting certification becase their merchandise qualities are not good enough?
The answer is absolutely NO! There are lots of handle procedures for the manufacturers if they apply the exporting approval according to Chinese exporting polities. Many high quality manufacturers, which products are very popular and the supply is not adequate to demand just for domestic market, even not to mention offer to overseas. What's more, the manufacturer would pass the foreign business to the trading company just for they want to take more attentions to production techniques and more focus on product qualities. Thus, the goods still are good from these factories.

What procurement service you want? Contact us right now!



For supplying a supporting service with lightweight formwork systems and construction formwork , Perfect Resoure invested capitals and be one of shareholders of building materials production vendors. 

Formwork Workshop

Aluminum Formwork System


Our formwork factory has extended and moved to a new plant, Siqian Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen city of Guangdong Province. With 25,000 square meters' area, the factory has around 100 employees, and the staff will be continue increasing  because our new formwork combination system, carbon fiber plastic form crossover with aluminum formwork or lightweight formwork systems. The production base of carbon fiber plastic formwork is located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. We are the only one aluminium formwork supplier and formwork manufacturer can produce carbon fiber plastic formwork in China.

Aluminum Extrusion Workshop

Aluminum Profliles


 Annual capacity for extrusion is 80,000 MT, of which 40% export to more than 30 different countries in Europe, North & South America, Australia, Asia & Africa.

2 lines for powder coating.
The max length for powder coating is 7.3m. 
Qualicoat is under submitting.                                                                                                                                                     The max length for anodizing is 7.5m. 

Steel Structure Workshop

Prefab House & Modular Home 


Two production bases and one R&D center, plant area 30,000 square meters.  With more than 400 meters lengths of a fully automatic production line and two color steel sandwich panel production lines. Annual output of 1million meters of zinc steel fence production capacity.


Scaffolding Workshop

Scaffolding System


We introduced advance automatic production line from Japan, producing scaffold products of international quality. We obtained quality awards ISO9001:2008, ANAB of USA and  UKAS pf Britain. Also, the aluminum rolling towers are certified to comply European Standard EN1004.



Before the year of 2007, we made our fortune by was named HENG MEI stainless steel decoration product trading company. When we got the first pot of gold, company's directors already had noticed that the aluminum formwork system was slowly coming to Asia market and its application & production teachniques had matured with each passing day. Soon, we tried to research and study sliently and ever learned and produced the aluminum formwork system with foreign aluminum formwork company together at that moment. While we matured and skilled with the entirety technology of lightweight formwork systems, Runding Aluminum formwork was founded in 2009.


Our aluminum formwork system is popular with homes and overseas markets, the building projects are Malaysia, Cambodia, Venezula, Philippine, Indonesia, HongKong and Brazil, etc. To this day, we still keep collaberating with the real estate developers of the top 500 of world, they are Polly, Wanke, Wanda, Greeland and CSCEC.


Runding brand of aluminum formwork product is still bringing a huge growing for us. Within the market extanding and the demanding of construction industrial increasing, requirement of the supporting service also is raising. Between in these 10 years, we made use of accumulated wealth to invest manufacturers of formwork accessories, steel prefab housing structures, scaffolding systems, aluminum alloy profiles and new combined formwork material and so on. That's just what we supplied a further supporting service for the global construction industry.

Perfect Resource

In this year of 2019, Runding aluminium formwork supplier establish a new exported trading company, Perfect Resource, used for providing one-stop procurment service for the construstion industrial. Help global customer would find out the building products with more highly pricing performance. Perfect Resource will be devoted to supply the wonderful products for clients until they are satisfied.