RD company would analyse the drawings and provide the formwork designing plans when received the full set of architecture drawings from customers. On the premise of satisfying the clients' designing formwork system requires, we must gurantee the using safety and reasonable arrangements when builders installing with aluminum formwork system. For clients, who are the first time to use with aluminum formwork, RD company is pleased to welcome you come and visit our factory, and we teach contractor how to install and dismantle aluminum formwork system.


RD Aluminum Formwork

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Service Advantages


According to the building structure chart provided by customer, RunDing will give technical and commercial evaluation analysis to arrive at the best construction solutions on using aluminum template.


After entering into a cooperation intention with customer, RunDing’s professional template design team will analog construction program through computer software. We also draw out the best aluminum template installation drawings and detailed list of materials, templates, installation instructions and other technical-documents, and then a detailed cooperation agreement will be signed with customer.


Professional and efficient production processes finished. After completion of

the program design template system, will be produced in a factory run tripod,

the entire production chain, with appropriate management personnel and quality

control personnel, to ensure the production of high quality finished product.

Try To Install

After the completion of a full set of aluminum formwork system design and production, Run Ding will have a professional installation team in the factory installation of a full range of test, customers can visit the on-site inspection tour guide. Overall test installation is complete, each component will run tripod template system to classify numbers packaged develop a detailed list of delivery for future fast and accurate at the construction site to check the installation.

Perfect Follow Up Services

Follow-up services will be offered from RunDing after client uses aluminum tripod template. Including repair, replenish and recycle waste board templates and other services. Run Ding will build inventory file for customers, the new construction project for the customer technical services, reduce duplication of production and investment template.


Questions for installation & dismantle process, contact us.