Except an entirety Aluminum formwork system, we also provide more supporting services for our esteemed customer, even the building materials for a whole construction project. Customer choose our acquaintace suppliers and select their professional in building materials, it helpful to save the purchasing time for clients to projects. Because those manufacturers are our cooperation partners,  the delivery date of other materials will be controlled. The arrival time of materials of whole project will be easy to management, construction projects will get improve, and the construction quality will also get more optimization at the same time.


Follows are the generally supporting products for construction projects: scaffolding system , Pre-fabricated houses, Plywood & wooden formwork, Plastic formwork, even the PVC pipes, decoration like Aluminum window & door systems, Wood plastic composite (WPC) doors, ceramic tiles, etc.

Prefabricated Houses

It is necessary to provide the prefabricated houses for workers living at construction worksite. Prefabricated houses have effects of windproof, soundproof, heat preservation and inflaming retarding, they are easy to be assembled as temporary offices,dormitories and canteens under construction site.

Especially, mobile container houses could become housing structure after loading, saving time of installation with nice look and clean, without any rubbish at site.  In addition, workshops, factories, public transport facilities and holiday villas which are available to be built by steel structures of fabricated house.

Plywood Formwork

Aluminum formwork system has limited by ownself, for example the basements, underground parkings have changeable building structurals and some of architectures with complicated structures, that are the reasons why plywood formwork become absolutely necessary building material.

RD not only offer al-formwork system for typical floors, but also count quantities of plywood formwork requested according to building drawings and help customer to buy plywood material for your project required directly.  It is really helpful to start construction works quickly and save time of purchsing  for clients.

Plastic Formwork

RD's plastic formwork with carbon fiber material inside, which hardness and bearing capacity are better than other plastic formwork and achieved decoration and water fair-faced concrete without using demoulding agents. RD promote formwork system combination is the non-standard aluminum formwork panels collocate with standard plastic formwork panels, then all of accessories (for Rod Tie fasten system) of Al-formwork system are matched with plastic formwork's. There are 70% standard formwork panels for a building project normally. If use the number of 70% of plastic formwork standard panels and 30% of aluminum formwork as non-standard panels for an architecture project, both guaranteed the quality of concrete surface and largely reduced the construction cost for customers in un-development areas while adopting this Aluminum-Plastic formwork combination. That will be an very important promoting direction for new building material industry.

Scaffolding System

Scaffolding system is indispensible supporting products for construction projects. We able to supply full kinds of scaffolding products for using in differents worksites and projects requested. Such as Cuplock scaffold system.Ringlock scaffold system, Kwikstage scaffold system, etc. The purchasing quantities of scaffolding products in accordance with our clients' architectures requirment. In the meanwhile, saving procurement time of construction material for customer.

Demoulding Agent

Two kinds of demoulding agents, they are water-base demoulding agent and oily demoulding agent, will supply for customer as their requirments. The purpose of mold agent is that make the concrete surface smoothy and cement is not easy to be stuck on the al-formwork panels.  Saving time for the labor to clean formworks and good to extend al-formwork's lifetime. 

More & More

Above supporting services are the most common, the most indispensible construction products when using aluminum formwork system at worksite. For instance, RD still offer pre-embedded PVC Pipes into concrete, provide building decoration materials of Aluminum window & door systems, Aluminum ceiling system, Ceramic tiles and new building material of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) doors and so on. RD pleasure to recommandate our loyalty cooperation partners for you and introduce their building materials for you, thus expediting construction process of the whole project.

PVC Pipe

Aluminum Window & Door System

 Aluminum Ceiling

WPC Door

Ceramic Tiles

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